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bullet imagebullet imageUpon being a strong beer drinker since I was of legal age (and maybe a tad before), my Grandad has erred me towards whisky. I have since been in a fair few of http://www.thewhiskywire.com/ tastings and have decided to share my thoughts in a wider circle!
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A huge to thanks to Steve from www.thewhiskywire.com - an unorthadox FLASH blog throughout the day, you can visit the latest reviews of this fantastic new dram - The Singletons Masters Choice from Duffdown - brought to you by Diageo.

Offering up on the eyes is a gorgeous amber colour, with little to no information to go on, it looks quite similar to a previous Dufftown 12 year old I had the priviledge to sample in Edinburgh many moons ago. This is the colour that most whiskies are look to the average joe like me, and the darker, the better!

On the nose, given a big whiff, I am getting a nutty kick with strong undertones of vanilla and walnuts. Nothing too strong at all but I presume this is at the standard of 40%.

I tried mine neat, i've tried with water and ice and it just doesn't do it for me. On the palate, I am getting sweet stewed apple, with a nice tang on the finish. It isn't too sweet but the peppery spice on the tongue is very calming to taste.

Thank you once again Steve for allowing me to review this whisky, and I must say I can't wait to get more involved in the future!

A huge congratulations to the new launch and looking forward to seeing it stocked in stores nationwide!

Chris - @cache1337


Where to begin.

Tonight saw myself and many others savouring the olden delights of five fantastic drams from our dreams.

Before I begin I want to direct you to latest stock from this distillery: http://bit.ly/2fJwOun

The fantastic five were:

Rare Vintage Balblair 1985

N:I am getting honey notes with an earthen spike

P:complex, full of fruit, apricots and vanilla, sweet as honey

Rare Vintage Smith’s Glenlivet 1974

N: this gets better as it airs, i can smell spice and apples

P:the fruits and the cinnamon are shining through, its nicely dry, smooth even

Rare Vintage Glen Grant 1966

N:fruity and almondy, some oaken flavoured aroma drifting through

P: sweet and creamy, smoothly does it with a gentle tang at the back, just divine.

Note: tasted cinnamon in the end, its lovely!

Rare Vintage Strathisla 1965

N:sweet sweet sweet, very woody with hints of belgian chocolate

P:a real sherry cask finish that is one of my favourites, orange zest and hints of sugar, not overly sweet though, hard to explain!

Rare Vintage Mortlach 1954

N: sherry finish coming through, not overpowering, a nice breath of smoke

P:A tad of spice but mostly vanilla, a nice finish, subtle.

Holy moly what a lucky guy, I was however feeling under the weather and saved a teenie bit of each one to savour once I have my full senses back!

I understand I have tried some super drink here, all of which older than me! It was a real privilege and I thorough loved them all!

A huge thank you to Gordon and MacPhail and to Steve and the Whisky Wire.

Amrut 46%ABV

A lucky fellow won @RealDramRob's #drampetition and was able to sample a splash of Amrut's 46% single malt. I had actually tried this at Mokoko in St Albans who recommended it and it was lovely then and lovely now.

Distilled in India this had a nice citrus nose to it and ended up swapping between tasting like honey / almonds for myself. It was very smooth indeed at first then had a little bit of a kick at the back of the throat, nice and warming on this chilly autumn night (the heating may have been switched on!). I would certainly recommend it.

£41.45 from Master of Malt



What a belter of an evening. After my trip to the states in September I now consider myself a strong bourbon fan! I was lucky enough to try Old Rip Van Winkle 12 year old and wowser, what a dram. I also sampled some Rittenhouse Rye and that was beautiful!

Onto Rebel Yell - I had heard the name and now I will be picking up a bottle or a dram in pubs from now on as it holds a nice range, all of which were nicely rounded and great tasting. I naturally started my evening with a warm up dram of Highland Park and started playing David Bowie's Rebel Yell!

Kentucky Straight Bourbon

N:nose - we might be singing rebel rebel but im singing brown sugar!!

P:full on vanilla with a sweet sweet aftertaste, really great

Small Batch Reserve

N:fudge and a touch of spice coming through the nose

P:i can feel the ice cream notes on the tongue, not mint but vanilla

Small Batch Rye

N:chocolatey spice, a bourbon biscuit with hints of almonds

P:warming spices with hits of almonds again

You can find Rebel Yells range here http://bit.ly/2fAz7SW, I would thoroughly recommend the Small Batch Rye! I for one will be picking up a bottle very soon (its an exhaustive list!) and once again a huge thanks to the Whisky Wire and Rebel Yell!


Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I was in the USA travelling the east coast, sampling some divine cuisine and tasting such drams as the 12 year old Van Winkle special.

Upon my return I was able to taste each of the Glen Moray collection as above and my tasting notes are enclosed by clicking GLEN MORAY.

Image courtesy of @ocdwhisky.


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